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The Esper Devops 60M Series is the next big thing in the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s a promising startup that will make a lot of money as it expands its business. IoT devices are a huge issue right now. Here’s a look at a few of the problems they are facing, and how you can help.

Funding round details

Esper is no slouch, but they need to up their game to keep up with the competition. In an age where cloud computing and mobile technologies are making a splash, enterprise customers are under pressure to up their own game. That’s where the best DevOps solution comes in. Fortunately, Esper is here to help. Its latest funding round – a $60 million Series C led by Insight Partners and Scale Ventures – will enable the company to continue to drive the innovation that keeps their clients ahead of the pack. They’ll also be able to increase their footprint in the Seattle area and across the country. With a solid traction in the market and a stellar management team, the future is looking bright for the Seattle area tech startup.

The 60m Series C round will help them take on the big boys in the enterprise space. They will also be able to scale up their marketing efforts, as well as add new products and services for their current clients.

IoT devices are a huge issue

When it comes to securing IoT devices, you need to know what you’re doing. A compromised device can be disastrous to an organization. The cost of a single breach can erode an entire supply chain.

Thankfully, there are tools that can help companies mitigate these risks. One of the most notable solutions is the Esper Platform. It has transformed industries such as hospitality and digital health.

Using the platform, organizations can streamline the deployment of Android edge devices. In addition to accelerating the adoption of intelligent edge devices, the technology also enables developers to add apps and implement cybersecurity rules.

Additionally, the company offers solutions for extending the lifespan of hardware. This allows hardware makers to roll out new devices more frequently.

As more and more businesses use IoT devices to collect data, it’s important to maintain their integrity and confidentiality. By securing devices, organizations can ensure their operations run smoothly.

Devices need unique credentials to operate safely. Many devices have weak passwords. Hackers can use the credentials as a way to access the device.

Remote devices are a huge issue

In a nutshell, Esper is making DevOps for Android devices a breeze. Its platform offers a clean end-to-end experience for companies that are building out their networks. From there, it’s a breeze to scale up your connected device fleet. One of the perks of using the Esper mobile app is a free trial for customers with smaller fleets. The company has garnered a few awards for its efforts. Among its many accolades, Esper was named a CIO magazine’s top 10 DevOps innovators for 2017, and earned a spot on the Forbes Cloud 100.

The pltform boasts tens of thousands of devices on its books, as well as the requisite cloud infrastructure and security to match. On top of that, the company has a solid line of support personnel, including two engineers in the Bay Area and a slew of support staff in India. With an army of talent, it’s no surprise that Esper is a worthy contender for the enterprise mobile devops of the year.

IoT devices are a promising startup

Esper is a Seattle startup that provides a platform for managing Android-powered IoT fleets. The company says more than 200 companies are using its products. In fact, Esper is growing so fast, it plans to triple its revenue in 2021.

The company provides an API that lets developers add apps to their devices, update software that runs on them, and collect diagnostics data. Esper also ships an operating system as part of devices made by its manufacturing partners. Its hardware emulators make it easy to test software on a virtual device.

Esper helps companies manage the fleets of company-owned Android devices. Its products range from chip modules to ready-to-use systems. This allows Esper to scale as the company grows, and it offers a full development stack for developers.

The company isn’t profitable yet. But the company’s CEO, Yadhu Gopalan, said the company has seen 15x growth in devices running on its platform this year.

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