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Dr. Jacono Discusses Domestic Violence, Face-to-Face, and Making the World a Better Place

Domestic violence affects millions of people every year—in fact, roughly 15 percent of women have been injured by an intimate partner’s abuse. Furthermore, nearly 25 percent of women and 14 percent of men have been the victim of an intimate partner’s severe physical aggression.

To combat these troubling statistics, some doctors, like Dr. Andrew A. Jacono, provide pro bono surgical services through programs like Face-to-Face. For Dr. Jacono, helping begins with understanding.

“Knowledge is an essential tool for self-improvement, and I’ve always sought to further my understanding of the world around me,” Dr. Andrew Jacono says. “When I first began to look into how serious of a problem domestic violence is, it was hard to grasp, but I quickly recognized that I could make a difference.”

Dr. Jacono Helps Victims Build Confidence—One Procedure At A Time

As one of New York’s premier facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Jacono has worked with a variety of clients, including celebrities, to reverse the negative effects of aging. For all the success of his cosmetic work, however, he considers pro bono surgery to be his most important community contribution. He regularly provides reconstructive services to domestic abuse programs and, in doing so, aims to improve his patients’ quality of life.

“Looks are a major factor in determining confidence,” Dr. Jacono notes. “Beauty isn’t skin deep—or, at least, it shouldn’t be—but when you meet someone, attend a job interview, or even go to the grocery store, your appearance impacts how you look at yourself and how others perceive you.”

This is part of why Dr. Andrew A. Jacono volunteers his time and expertise to Face-to-Face, which welcomes the services of countless good-hearted medical professionals. Dr. Jacono himself has performed over 100 procedures for the organization.

Although it is impossible to perfectly evaluate the rate of domestic violence in the United States and abroad, too many people suffer from lifelong physical scars that, over time, can cause even more significant emotional distress. Considering this, it is not uncommon for victims of domestic abuse to experience low self-esteem, especially if they are left disfigured.

“In a way, the biggest benefit of reconstructive surgery isn’t so much the physical change, but the mental shift,” Dr. Andrew Jacono explains. “A boost in self-confidence goes a long way, and more often than not, people who undergo reconstructive treatment feel better about themselves. This, in turn, allows them to have more fulfilling careers, relationships, and daily joys.”

In short, having a healthy sense of confidence can mean the difference between living with trauma and overcoming it. This is why helping those in need will always remain one of Dr. Jacono’s strongest priorities.

“As much as I love helping people,” adds Dr. Jacono, “I dream of a day when domestic violence is eradicated and my services are no longer needed.”

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