How Changing My Diet Helped Me be a Better Gambler

You might think that there is no discernible correlation between what you eat and your gambling performance. However, stepping back and thinking about these two concepts and how one might substantially benefit the other, you will soon see a line between the two that cannot be denied.

Many professional gamblers report a significant change to their success rate after they stop lining up at the casino buffet for second and third helpings of the delicious fare on offer. Here are ways you can make dietary changes that could positively affect your ability to win at gambling:

Brain food

When playing strategic games like poker and blackjack, you need to be on top mental form, whether in a land-based casino or pursuing online gambling. The latter will present you with fewer gastronomic temptations, such as those readily on offer at brick-and-mortar facilities.

A vital focus is feeding your body plenty of brain food to keep you mentally sharp and agile. A combination of antioxidants provides you with the mental acuity necessary to win and keeps your neurons firing well after other players are flagging and seeing their performance levels drop. Blackberries are an ideal way to ingest the antioxidants you need for tip-top brain activity. A blackberry smoothie mid-play will give your brain the staying power that other gamblers might lack. Other fruits and vegetables also contain high antioxidant levels, including broccoli, spinach, carrots, and kale.

Losing weight

Face it, dragging excess pounds around leads to feelings of exhaustion. Therefore, incorporating a healthy diet into your weight loss strategy will improve your levels of alertness, allowing you to make better gambling choices. A diet rich in carbs gives you a momentary energy boost, followed by a rock-bottom low that sees you reaching for more carbs to sustain yourself. The trouble is that these carbs are converted to fat and stored for a later physical energy burn that never comes.

Following the high protein keto diet has proven successful for anyone wanting to provide their body with sustained energy that does not flag or fail when you least need it. The diet requires you to eliminate almost all carbs from your diet. This tricks the brain into using fat to burn for energy instead of carbs. Users soon see the benefits of this diet as they shed unwanted pounds and start feeling better about themselves.

Empty stomach

Research suggests that sitting down to casino games on an empty stomach has merit. It seems that a hungry body helps you make better decisions. Your brain and body both focus on a need for food, leaving you fewer opportunities to make hasty decisions that could lead to your gambling downfall.

The intense focus that hunger causes might make you a better gambler. However, you cannot enter a session hungry and expect to play ten straight hours without eating. All you will have to show for your efforts is an almighty headache and the temptation to binge on unhealthy foods as soon as you can access them.

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