How Much Protein Do You Need Each Day?

Protein is a significant part of our lives, whether in our diets or bodies. Every living creature needs protein to be able to function correctly. But there’s a lot of a gray area regarding how much protein is enough to keep our bodies working in optimal condition. So, to lay some uncertainties to rest, we’re here to give some insight. 

Why is Protein Important?

Our bodies cannot function without protein; it’s an essential part of life. Our bodies are essentially built up on protein, and we must consume a daily average to keep our bodies functioning correctly. Our muscles, organs, and brain all rely on protein to keep us alive, and we can become deficient and unhealthy if we don’t get enough in our diet.

It helps our body restore itself, as cells need it to repair and replicate. In addition, it provides essential fuel for function and allows our body to produce and transport vital oxygen.

What Happens If I Have Too Much Or Too Little Protein?

Everything has a balance, protein included. Our bodies have a specific need for protein, and any more or less of it can cause adverse effects. So while it’s an essential part of our body, we must ensure we meet our body’s protein needs as closely as possible.

Excess protein in the body is usually stored as fat, and aside from the obvious downside of weight gain, that additional fat can be detrimental to your health. It increases the risk of harmful diseases like cancer and strains vital organs like the kidneys and heart

Flipping the coin and having too little protein in your diet is just as dangerous. You’ll start to lose strength as your muscles begin to deteriorate. Your metabolism will start to suffer too, and you’ll feel fatigued all the time. Your body will be slow to heal because your cells won’t be able to repair themselves properly. Finally, your immune system will drop, and you’ll start to get ill more easily.

How Do I Know How Much Protein I Need?

Everybody is different, and each of us has different nutrition needs, including our protein intake. There are a lot of factors that play a part in exactly how much protein our body needs. Things like your current fitness level, calorie intake, BMI, and more all count towards determining the ideal amount of protein for you.

The general rule is that your protein intake should count between 10% and 35% of your required daily calorie intake. This can, however, change depending on specific dietary needs for certain conditions, your exercise needs, and your goals.

There are multiple resources available online that can help you calculate your exact needs based on specific criteria. 


As you can see, we cannot function without protein, and there are significant downsides to having too much or too little protein in your diet. You can visit your local Protein Shop and discover precisely how much protein your body needs to keep it working in optimal condition. In addition to this, they may be able to assist in getting you set up with a product that can help you maintain a healthy protein intake.

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