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Can you imagine how hard it is to live with symptoms of anxiety? You are constantly in your brain, forced to listen to your thoughts at all waking hours. You cannot shut down your thoughts and feel trapped by your emotions. It is like listening to a radio station that you don’t like, with maximum volume. You cannot turn the radio down or switch it off. People spend thousands of dollars on pills and therapy, hoping to control the busy mind. But nothing seems to work. Continue reading this article to find valuable tips to calm the raging chaos in your mind.

Breathing Exercises: Whenever you feel tensed or anxious, try to concentrate on your breathing. One must forget all the surrounding chaos and focus on breathing in and breathing out. See how the air is inhaled and exhaled from your body. Once you solely focus on this technique, you will see that your mind has stopped wondering. This method may not work effectively on the first go, but you will feel its positive effects. Over time, you can calm your busy mind by applying this method.

Practice Mindfulness: Anxiety is all in mind; therefore, the one thing you must focus on is your mind. Remember the fact that your mind is not your consciousness. You are something different and detached from your mind. Therefore, sit still and let the mind wander, see all the thoughts coming and going in your mind. Do not fight any thoughts because the more you resist, the more the thought will impact you. Instead, watch the monkey mind jump from one idea to another. After you practice this technique for some time, you’ll see that you feel at peace because the mind has stopped wondering. Just like a monkey needs a banana to calm down, similarly, your mind will need something to concentrate on. Therefore, repeatedly chant the mantra, OM, to center the distracted mind.

Consult A Psychiatrist: when you think that you cannot control your mind and it requires immediate attention, be sure to consult a physician. A psychiatrist has the power to analyze your mind well and get to the root of the trouble. In addition, at times, talking helps a lot to resolve past issues. For example, anger, grief, and a sense of loss often manifest themselves in the form of an anxious mind. Therefore, if the psychiatrist thinks that merely talking will not cure the issue, they may recommend medicines.

  • Ketamine therapy is one of the most prominent ways to calm our mind. You may ask your doctor how does ketamine work for anxiety to learn more about the treatment. Ketamine is more useful than Valium in terms of curing an anxious mind.
  • People typically grow a dependency on drugs to calm their minds, but that should never be. If you feel addicted to a medication, ask your doctor to change the dosage or, better yet, change the medicine altogether if possible. The goal should be to live a life without depending on artificial substances. But then again, a doctor is the best judge for treating an anxious mind. Do not stop your medication mind way, just because you think you are cured; it may negatively impact one’s psyche.

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