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Many might get confused between a pillow-top mattress and a euro-top mattress. There are many types of differences between the two that one might not notice but here is the complete guide to not get confused between the two.Check the site Filmy god

There are few differences between these two types of mattress tops.


For those who want to opt for a luxurious option, euro top mattresses are a perfect choice. For those who are suffering from backaches and joint pains, euro tops are their perfect choice. They are posh and they provide a lot of comfort. They are very supportive as a mattress and they provide proper alignment of the backbone. They are made from soft material and they are well stitched all through the pinnacle layer and so the edges of the mattress are also very comfy and supportive. Also, the possibility of sagging of the spring middle is significantly decreased due to the guide furnished with the aid of using the top layer.

Euro top beds are more or less similar to pillow tops but their quality is very good and premium and they are more technically designed. Euro tops have a lot more support towards the edges than any other mattress as they are perfectly made for you so that even when you casually sit along the edges then there is no problem of dips in them. If all you assume out of your bed is a snug sleep, you may pick euro-top mattresses. 

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A pillow top mattress is different from a normal top as an additional layer of padding is added to the usual mattress which is softer and more comfortable. The pillow top mattress contains two parts: the bottom supportive layer and the additional top layer. These mattresses are more supportive than usual mattresses and these give the sleeper a hugging type feel that makes it more comfortable.

There are few demerits that one needs to consider before buying a pillow top. As they have a soft top there might be the formation of dips at the places where you sleep due to deformation of the mattress after using it for a few years. Many times to increase the longevity the mattress is turned over and then used whenever the dips start forming in the mattress.

Due to the problem of dips in the top layer of the mattress, one can’t use these mattresses for a long period and so one needs to replace these only after a few years.


  •  BUILT

Euro tops – There are no spaces left in the mattress and even the edges are filled up to the top.

Pillow tops – Separate pillow top layer is attached with the base mattress through the stitching.


Euro tops and pillow tops both are made of foam or fiberfill.

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Euro tops – Around 3 inches around both sides.

Pillow tops – Around 1 inch with spaces left.


Euro tops – Has no flaps

Pillow tops – Contains flaps


Euro tops – Gives a sift feeling in the center and has sturdy edges.

Pillow tops – Cushy feeling all over the mattress


Euro tops – These are more durable than any other mattress.

Pillow tops – Deformation starts and doesn’t last very long.


Euro tops – Edge support is more as they have been tightly sewed together.

Pillow tops – Not very supportive on the edges and the top layer is separately sewed.


  • These are made up of premium quality materials and this mattress is the ultimate example of comfort with support.
  • The mattresses last for a minimum of 8 to 10 years and so these are a very good investment.
  • These mattresses retain their shape and give proper contouring to your body.
  • These are a bit expensive but worth it due to the quality and lifespan.
  • These mattresses provide top-class edge support.
  • You will get a luxurious feel when you sleep on these mattresses.


  • These mattresses are soft and they feel like sleeping on a pillow.
  • You can increase the longevity simply by turning over the mattress.
  • After a few years like 8 to 10 years you can change this mattress.
  • These are a little bit thicker than usual mattresses and so you don’t mind buying big sheets for your bed.
  • You have a large budget and don’t mind buying a costly mattress.
  • You can sleep comfortably in the middle cushy part of the mattress.

So, comparing these two we can say that if one has a low budget then one can opt for pillow tops budgets but if one wants a luxurious experience and has a high budget then you can buy euro top mattresses. Also comparing the two if one wants a mattress with a longer lifespan then you will have to buy the euro top mattress. If one is looking for a soft and cushy in-the-center mattress then the pillow-top mattress is perfect for them whereas if one wants proper comfort and support along with edge support then euro top mattresses will be the best choice.

The bed you are using is also an important factor for sleep. If you are a fan of fancy and luxurious shopping, you can buy an expensive bed with a frame that contains an expensive headboard. This will make a perfect foundation base to keep your mattress on.

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Though euro top beds are comfortable and cushy they can be expensive. The Euro-top mattresses are highly-priced as a comparison to pillow-top ones. Although the better quality of the Euro-top mattresses are mentioned through the producers because of the cause for this, many say that they should purchase first-rate reminiscence mattresses at an identical cost. Therefore, people having a low budget cannot spend on a euro top mattress but those who are ready to splurge on their mattress can easily buy it.

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