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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Belts: How to Choose the Perfect Type for You

Most men’s casual belts are worn for their primary purpose: to cinch their waist and prevent pants from getting loose. But aside from functionality, most men also prefer to wear belts for style. Simply adding a few statement pieces or accessories to a simple outfit makes you look better and more presentable effortlessly.

What you need to know

You can wear belts both casually and formally, but men’s casual belts often have more styles, types, and colours than formal belts. They are also easily worn with any outfit and still look like your own style and personality.

Before you buy a new set of belts again, here’s a guide on things to consider when pairing your belt with your outfit.

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  • Strap materials

When buying belts, the first thing you should notice is their strap material. For casual outfits, it is better to choose something wider, about 1.5 to 1.75 inches wide.

If you have a 1.5-inch belt, you can easily wear them with denim and other heavy fabrics; jeans and casual trousers are often paired with something broader and more classic.

And you can’t go wrong with leather. It can be full-grain, braided, tooled, or suede. All of these materials are perfect for day-to-day outfits, such as a polo paired with denim pants.

Wear a full-grain or suede leather belt. If you’re going to add extra décor to your look, a braided leather belt will do for classic style. It adds a unique pattern to a simple outfit. Finally, a tooled leather belt is ideal if you want to achieve a country cowboy look.

  • Buckle types

The belt buckle also has a huge impact on your whole look. It is incredible how one small piece of metal can either make or break your outfit!

A simple outfit would look best with the classic and timeless frame style buckle.

It is, by far, one of the most go-to belt buckles by most men. It goes well with any casual outfit. If you want a more unique but still classy look, you can opt for an O-ring or D-ring buckle.

  • Colours and patterns

Brown belts are usually more versatile than black, but both belts are perfect for any casual outfit. They look classy, simple, and elegant.

How would you know the quality of your belt?

The last and most important thing you should consider is the belt’s quality. A high-quality belt is always a good investment. Of course, who would have thought that you can also invest in belts, right? But everything is an investment, anyway.

Thus, it would help if you kept a good eye when buying belts because you want to purchase something worth every penny. Good quality leather must always be the first one you consider. If you try to flex the belt, it must not be brittle or crack.

The belt’s stitching is also essential. Small and tight stitches with no loose ends are usually better. Always remember not to compromise quality and durability for the price.

High-quality materials will most likely cost more, but it’s already a good deal because it will surely last for months or even years.

When wearing a simple casual outfit, adding a belt can make your look appear more put together effortlessly. Buying from a good brand is only a bonus. What’s important is the quality and construction of the belt.

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