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TOP 11 Sophisticated Watches Crafted in Germany

Anyone who thinks about luxury watches is likely to think of Swiss manufacturers first. However, classic watchmaking businesses exist in Germany, and German watches are capturing the global market. With an ordinance issued in October 1767, Markgraf Karl Friedrich von Baden created the groundwork for the watch business in Pforzheim. Jean François Autran, a Frenchman, launched the first watch brand with the Swiss Jean Viala and Amédé Christin, which eventually developed into a jewelry business.

Today, Glashütte is home to a portion of the German watch market. The little town in Saxony has a population of over 7,000 people and is home to some of Germany’s most prominent watchmakers. Made in Germany is also a quality phrase in the watch business. Germany’s innovations are globally relevant in terms of accuracy and aesthetics and are frequently relatively economical. Here are a few examples of exquisite timepieces made by world-renowned German watch companies.

Nomos Metro Neomatik

The Nomos is the first in line, a very different but immensely German brand. Although NOMOS Watches are most recognized for their unique and pristine minimalist style, they’ve quickly announced some very amazing improvements on the movement side, with their slim Neomatik caliber and in-house Swing System escapement. The Metro Neomatik is one watch that blends its simple look, sense of humor, and technical capability with a starting price of $5690.


Sinn’s timepieces have always been about function since their inception in 1961. The initial timepieces were designed specifically for pilots, and though their inventory today includes great divers and even some dressier choices, the brand’s passion remains in the sky. So much so that, five years ago, the company collaborated with Aachen University to develop TESTAF, a norm, and accreditation for pilot’s watches similar to those used by divers.

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1

Lange is Germany’s most recognized export in terms of watchmaking; its exceptional quality and elegance are renowned among enthusiasts. So much so that choosing a model to demonstrate their excellence is difficult. Do you like the understated Saxonia, the architecturally gorgeous Datograph, or the cutting-edge Zeitwerk? But the brand also has the best modern watch designs, the iconic Lange 1, displayed in platinum, rather than any of the other options. Its starting price is $56,300.

Glashütte Original Vintage Sixties

Glashütte Original, as you might imagine, is based in the little town of Glashütte. GO, like pretty much every other watch company, has succumbed to the siren song of the historical revival, and their wacky Vintage Sixties collection is a great, stylish indicator of the effectiveness. This green-dialed version, launched in 2019, takes it to the next level with its vibrant, patterned dial. It has a starting price of $9650.

Muhle Glashütte Panova Blue

Muhle Glashütte is well-known for its ‘nautische instrumente,’ or nautical instruments, but they are not only for earnest and serious divers. There’s also some summer-appropriate wristwear in the mix, such as the Panova Blue, a no-frills 40 mm Sellita-powered piece with a clear dial that delivers a lot of substance for not too much money. Its cost is as low as $1550.

Archimede Pilot Chronograph

Traditional ‘Flieger’ style pilots, which are persistently fashionable and popular, are an Archimede pilot’s watch expertise. While several brands produce this type of watch, Archimede’s high-quality Ickler casings and good value propositions ensure that they maintain their distinction. With a price of $1,970 and a variety of case materials, dial settings, and complications, it’s difficult to argue with the iconic chronograph.

Dornblüth & Sohn 99.9 Power Reserve Steel

Dornblüth & Sohn is a family business that makes maritime chronometer-style timepieces the traditional way, without the use of CNC machines. Their ébauches are ETA-based but mostly re-created in-house, and they have a lot of personalities. There isn’t much variation in terms of style: you might get a regulator dial or an enormous sub-second, but otherwise, they’re fairly classic. They are “on the whole” because this watch, a limited edition for Australian Retailer Define, with a startlingly modern-style linear power reserve in deep red to complement the 12. It costs $14,300.

P. Nitzsche Zitrus Dresswatch

Perhaps not in the same league as the mentioned previously firms and designs, but certainly deserving of mention: master craftsman Philipp Nitzsche is situated in Berlin and an all-around artist in the watch field. He’s also a vital member of the Watchmaster squad. Nitzsche makes one-of-a-kind creations using amazing materials, intriguing patterns, and expert workmanship. His collection consists primarily of stainless steel wristwatches with manual-winding mechanisms. Philipp Nitzsche specialized in the repair of vintage timepieces and the exquisite refinement of components in addition to producing his line. One of the most iconic products is the P. Nitzsche Zitrus Dresswatch in yellow bracelet and dial with a price of $1278.

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Moonphase

Montblanc is most known for its unique writing utensils, but the company has also been creating watches for generations. Their mechanical timepieces are still meticulously crafted and built manually. Montblanc, on the other hand, has moved into the digital world with its Smartwatches. Series like the Heritage Spirit Moonphase captivate with rich features, graceful design, and automated calibers. Its price in the market starts at $3154.

Meistersinger Archao

Meistersinger, established in 2001 in Münster, is dedicated to the early watchmaking heritage of the Middle Ages. The one-hand watch is their distinguishing feature. Meistersinger watches like the Meistersinger Archao are only available with one hand, the hour hand. With its odd ideas, the business has already received numerous awards and established a name for itself through the years for eccentric designs and high quality.

Junghans Tempus Automatic

Junghans was established in the Black Forest region of Germany in 1861. It manufactured a wide range of watches, ranging from radio alarm clocks to wristwatches with automated calibers or manual wind. Junghans concentrated mostly on accurate wristwatches after the Second World War and became one of the country’s leading brands in the 1950s. The classic Junghans Tempus Automatic, with a black leather bracelet with a white dial and a starting price of $2058, is one of the brand’s most sought-after watches.

In a Nutshell

German watch models are frequently in the lesser luxury sector of the fashion industry when matched with the Swiss-made watches, yet they nonetheless provide a high level of craftsmanship and precision that many watch enthusiasts cannot miss!

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