Top 5 Green Hotels Canada Has to Offer

As the world walks closer to the edge, taking the human population with it to lie in the bed that it has made, there shines a ray of hope. Eco-friendly hotels are popping up the world over in an effort to slow down the effects of climate change, and Canada has some of the best of the lot on offer. 

Thanks to the lax gambling laws in the country, tourists from the US and other countries often visit just to play roulette or blackjack at the best casinos in hotels. While some of the luxury casinos do offer accommodation, most of them don’t. Thus, to sleep guests, they need to use hotels. And the availability of eco-friendly green hotels reduces their carbon footprint by a huge margin.

With the legalization of single-game sport betting as of August of 2021, the gambling traffic is set to increase manifold. The need to play in casinos in hotels is strong, and green hotels will receive all the guests they can. In this article, Kevin N. Cochran highlights the very best green casinos in Canada to help you plan your holiday. 

Gladstone Hotel

The Gladstone has had a long history of being Canada’s favourite art boutique hotel. Many consider it to be the cultural hub of Ontario, and it wears this hat with much pride. Thirty-seven of its rooms are custom designed by local artists, which says something about the management’s commitment to fostering the local community there.

The hotel’s commitment to sustainability involves the use of non-toxic cleaning supplies, composting waste and installing two green roofs. These help to deal with the run-off from storms and floods. 

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Being more than a hundred years old lends the Fairmont Chateau a grandiose aura with which it can capture the attention of any visitor. What’s more, since it is located in the middle of Alberta’s Banff National Park, the atmosphere outside will be one to match the interior. Due to its location, the hotel is dedicated to the best sustainability practices known to man. The park makes sure of this. 

Conservation is the keyword here, and the hotel’s primary objective is to minimize the amount of waste matter generated and conserve the amount of resources wasted.  

Hotel de Vieux-Quebec

Hotel du Vieux-Quebec holds the honour of being the only carbon-neutral green hotel in the entire province. Due to this, and all the spectacular service it provides, it has a 99% approval rate among customers and over 1,500 happy reviews on its website. Thanks to its exemplary services and practices, it has won five Green Keys from the Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Leaf Eco-Rating Program, making it a most desirable destination.

By making an effort to implement beehives, rooftop gardens and solar-powered energy into its plan to reduce the global carbon footprint, the Hotel du Vieux-Quebec remains a standard-bearer among green hotels in Canada.

Trout Point Lodge

With beautiful Nova Scotia to call home, Trout Point Lodge is a charming location that will enchant even the most ardent “real money online casino” people coming in to gamble. In 2007 and again in 2014, this resort got a five Green Key rating, which is the highest award for sustainability that a hotel can have internationally.

Whether it be through architecture, housekeeping or food, the Trout Point Lodge is one experience you cannot miss. By monitoring overall energy use, composting organic waste and using it in the resort’s gardens, and using energy-efficient lighting paired with copious amounts of natural lighting, you will find that the awards piled on it are well-deserved.

Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa

Is there anything quite as romantic as a getaway in Victoria’s wine country? It is the only five-star oceanview boutique hotel, resort and spa in the area, making it a hotbed of tourist activity. If you’re fond of outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking with your partner, this is the place to be!

It also does what it says on the tin. In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible, Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa offers a whole host of green practices for the many visitors it gets. These include compostable disposables, recycling bins, and organic and eco-friendly food. All combined, it makes for one holiday that will live on in your memory for a long time!


Eco-friendly green hotels are here to stay. They prove a positive step towards caring for the future of the planet while also meeting the demands of tourists who want to travel without damaging the environment any further. It is an industry likely to see tons of growth in the near future, and the options listed here are only the beginning of a glorious tradition!

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