What Are Some Good Vape Mods to Try in 2022?

Vaping has changed people’s lives across the world. Many people have turned to vaping instead of smoking traditional cigarettes. A wide variety of vape juice options has offered some healthier alternatives. And this, in return, has benefited vapers in numerous ways including through healthy lungs.

The vaping business continues to change with every passing moment. The vape mods being used before are not the same ones used today. So, what are some good vape mods that are worth trying in 2022? Continue reading this article to discover a list of the best new vape mods on the market.

What Are Some Good Vape Mods? Pod Mods

This type includes a lot of pod style vaping devices. This is why they are referred to as pod mods. They are one of the best looking vape mods in 2022, with features like adjustable wattages, huge display screens, and more.

You will find that most of them have the shape of a tube or even a rectangle. Pod mods can be your favorite if you decide to use them this year. Why not make that bold and wise decision?

Tube Mods

As the name suggests, these vape mods are made in a tube shape. Mostly, they do not have display keys. The user cannot adjust the settings either.

On the bright side, tube mods typically have various wattages that the user can select from. They are very easy to use, and they can be used by anyone whether they are newbies or experienced users.

What are some good vape mods to try in 2022? Tube mods are the answer.

Box Mods

When you read about the term box mod, what comes to your mind? If you said boxes, you are right. These vape mods come in the shape of a boxy rectangle. A couple reasons why this is one of the best new vape mods in 2022 are the additional features as well as the high power output box mods have.

Sometimes, box mods are built with internal batteries, while other times they are not. Furthermore, they have more buttons that can be used to make a variety of adjustments.

What are some good vape mods to buy in 2022? Box mods are a perfect choice.

The vape mods from Epuffer and other reliable retailers include great box mod options. If you are looking for one of the best upcoming vape mods, the Titan X blurs the lines between a box mod and vape pen. It is smaller and sleeker than most other vape mods, but on the other hand, it is especially powerful, placing it among the best mini vape mod options available. Its simple operation and beautiful design will quickly make it a favorite.

What Are Some Good Vape Mods? Mechanical Mods

Currently, these are some of the best looking vape mods. A mechanical mod consists of a battery tube as well as an atomizer connection point. The vapor flows when a button is pushed by the user to make the battery touch the atomizer.

It functions simply and also has a basic design. What are some good vape mods to buy this year? Mechanical mods? Exactly.


You now understand what are some good vape mods to choose from if you want to try something new and exciting in 2022. Box mods, tube mods, pod mods, and lastly, mechanical mods all offer advantages. Maybe you will want to try more than one. 

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