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What Makes a Good Dental Office in Fairfield, ME? 

Finding a dentist for your family may be one of the items on your long to-do list if you are new to the Fairfield, ME, area. But where do you look for a good Fairfield, ME dental office? You can use this list as a checklist for essential items to look for when researching dental practices in your area. By looking at a dentist’s office’s website, you can learn about these features. Others may necessitate a face-to-face meeting. When you locate a dentist that meets these criteria, you know you’ve found the right person to take care of your family’s dental needs. 

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Highly Skilled Doctors 

A superb dentist must be well-versed in his field and highly skillful. All licensed dentists have received the necessary training, and the abilities required to conduct outstanding dentistry are learned via hard work and practice. This isn’t to say that every “old” dentist is fantastic or that every “new” dentist isn’t. It means that certain dentists are more dedicated to consistently improving the procedures and skills they require to deliver the most acceptable treatment to their patients. 

Compassionate Team 

Many people are apprehensive about getting dental care. Your trust in a particular dentist’s practice grows as you witness the compassion of the various team members during your contact with them. Working at a dental office necessitates excellent interpersonal skills, and you can tell whether your dental assistant, hygienist, and dentist genuinely care about their patients.  

We believe that compassion for people is demonstrated by patiently addressing your concerns before a dental operation, showing concern for patients throughout the procedure, and explaining what to expect afterward. Look for these attributes in online reviews from other patients and in your phone conversations with front-desk workers. 

Low Turnover 

A dental team consists of two dentists, one or more dental hygienists, a few dental assistants, and several front office staff members. These are all essential workers in an excellent dental practice. When dentists and staff work together, they provide the highest level of care for their patients. When you observe their interactions with one another, certain aspects of good teamwork may be visible to you as the patient. 

A great team will also have a relatively low turnover rate. Of course, some turnover is expected, and people move or change careers. But in general, a team that has worked together for years is a good one! 

Advanced Technology

The utilization of advanced technology in dentistry demonstrates a few key characteristics in the dental profession. We can acquire more information with less radiation using new technologies such as digital x-rays, which improves dental care quality and safety! We can conduct the same dental operations with dental lasers in a less intrusive manner, resulting in faster recovery and less post-operative pain. When scheduling a new patient visit, inquire about the practice’s modern technologies.

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