Who needs affiliate marketing in 2023? Expert forecasts

Affiliate marketing is a new phenomenon for businesses that are actively gaining popularity and is becoming one of the main ways to promote goods and services, as well as create passive income. This is a partnership agreement when a business turns to affiliates to promote their offers for a fee.

In most cases, to cooperate, partners must subscribe to an affiliate company that provides an affiliate link for promotion. The direction of the company’s activity can be any, as affiliate marketing has no restrictions. Nevertheless, it is becoming the most popular in those service industries where there are certain restrictions on the use of other promotion methods.

Why Use Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates provide the following benefits:

  • Use of the Internet as an optimal and popular way of promotion. This promotion channel surpasses any physical media and will soon completely oust them from the advertising field.
  • Social networks and blogs, as an option for disseminating information, allow you to take into account not only the target audience but also quickly create a high level of trust in the product.
  • High traffic is easy to achieve using a minimum number of tools, which minimizes costs.

Affiliate programs and affiliate marketing are considered the most promising areas of promotion according to experts and are suitable for various areas.

Who is affiliate marketing for in 2023?

Since affiliate marketing is a way to promote any online resource on the Internet, this option for earning or promoting is suitable for anyone who wants to work online. Members of the affiliate program can become:

  • webmasters who will be directly involved in the promotion of resources;
  • bloggers who work with a wide audience and use their platform to promote unique affiliate links;
  • owners of websites, pages on social networks, and YouTube channels;
  • traffic arbitrators;
  • all active users of Internet resources who can place active links on various resources.

Experts predict that affiliate marketing will be essential for companies operating in the service sector, especially the gambling industry. This is justified by the fact that these platforms for organizing gambling businesses cannot always use classic and familiar marketing tools for their promotion. This is due not only to the peculiarity of the niche, which is completely online but also to the fact that in some countries there is a ban on the operation of online casinos and poker rooms. In many countries and cities where there is no ban on gambling, there is a ban on advertising these sites through the usual channels – television and media.

Accordingly, affiliates become the only option for promoting gambling projects. According to the latest data, it is this method of promotion that creates 70% of traffic, and in the future, it will only grow. The choice of the program must be carried out by the characteristics of the business, as well as the reputation of the affiliate itself. For example, Parimatch Affiliates – an affiliate bookmaker, is one of the first and most reliable affiliate programs that guarantee quality support and fair payouts. The company took into account all the features of the market and potential customers and created a unique database of tools that allow you to effectively bring the resource to a high level.

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